About Preacher

With a seeming disregard for convention, yet an oddly conventional wisdom, Preacher comes to the stage like a rabid wombat with a penchant for the bottle. Reckless abandon tempered by musicianship is the hallmark of this quartet. There is nothing reserved or casual about their fervent music choice or original writings. From soulful and heartfelt laments to raw-nerve anthemic rock, Preacher covers a gamut of style and emotion rarely seen on stage today.

After returning from the Pacific Northwest, singer Preacher Williams (aka Mike Williams-Ross) came home to return to the place where his musical roots first took hold. Reuniting with childhood friends and former bandmates Fred “Dusty Ghost” Reed (guitar) and Lorne “Spider” Coon (bass), they began to bring back the lightning in a bottle they forged years before. To round out the sound, they then brought on former BOND, Z-Bones, and In Cahoots drummer (and former Preacher Williams national “tour” companion) Louie “The Ragin’ Canadian” Fortin. With these key pieces in place, work began in earnest in March of 2020. Yep, March of 2020….

Though The ‘Rona may have slowed them down, it couldn’t keep them down. So now the time has come. It’s time to let the music play. Time to kick out the jams. Time to bring the freedom, joy and audacity of rock n’ roll back to the stage.  It’s time for Preacher, because…

 “…Preacher sez so!”